About Us

About us


StrongFlexUK.com - The UK based online shop for affordable race quality polyurethane products.

For over 10 years we have produced suspension components for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and the Motorsport sector.

We also undertake individual and unique orders for one off applications.

The Polyurethane elastomer used in our products is the most cutting-edge of polymer systems, thanks to its features and technical parameters our own unique Polyurethane is specifically designed to replace the rubber used in OEM suspension components.

Products main features:

  • High flexibility in the whole range of hardness
  • Exceptional resistance to dynamic load forces
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High resistance to tearing and cracking
  • Resistant to oils, acids, solvents and weather conditions.
  • Extended life over traditional rubber parts


We provide a Lifetime warranty!

Our product catalogue is continuously updated with new products.

Information about our products

Our strongflex series products are made of a unique polyurethane. Polyurethane has the added benefits of increased safety, better durability and sustainability of the suspension. Polyurethane also has a longer wear life than traditional rubber components

Currently, we offer two varieties of material - depending on customer preference and application:

  • NORMAL version - with a hardness of 80ShA (red colour), similar to that used by the original vehicle manufacturer, however, the production of polyurethane ensures sustainability and viability of prolonged suspension life
  • SPORT version / TUNING / RACING - with a hardness of 90ShA (yellow in colour) recommended for tuned and racing vehicles, the suspension becomes much more rigid. A very noticeable stiffness increase from OEM rubber parts


We are constantly developing a network of sales, service and workshops which will quickly and easily install our products. Our trained staff will be happy to provide assistance and advice. Please contact us to find our nearest associated workshops

We offer trade partners a special loyalty program with attractive discounts.

We invite trade enquires to email us: Sales@strongflexuk.co.uk

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail on: Sales@strongflexuk.co.uk